Peace of mind for you and a safer world for your pet


Peace of mind for you and a safer world for your pet

Millions of pets are lost each year, and microchips are only helpful if your pet is found and scanned. This process can take days or weeks, and the anxiety can be unbearable. Even if found, fewer than 50% of pets with microchips are returned to their owners.

Our pets are members of the family. With Pip, we’ve worked hard to raise the bar in terms of quality, comfort, and ease of use. We look forward to bringing Pip into your family and helping make the world a safer place for our pets.

Smaller device

While other trackers exist, they are too bulky for most pets. Pip is smaller than other trackers and attaches comfortably to your pet’s collar.

More Affordable

We know that each pet is different. With Pip, you have the freedom to choose the plan that works best for you and your pet. For a limited time, you can pre-order Pip with lifetime service for $199.99 or, you can pre-order Pip for just $99.99 with a $5 monthly subscription.

Longer life

By strategically putting itself into low-power mode when it’s near you or your home, Pip is able to have incredible battery life, without having to sacrifice its small size.

More than just a tracker

The proximity sensor in Pip is able to communicate with many other devices, automating services to make it easier for us to be the best pet owners we can be.   We will also be releasing “Pip ready” devices that will add new pet-centric features that can all be controlled from our app.

Learn more by checking out our successful Kickstarter campaign.

What is Pip?

Pip is a small device that attaches to your pet’s collar so you can always know your pet’s location. Pip is also compatible with many connected home systems, allowing you to automate actions based on your pet’s movements and locations.

How does Pip work?

Pip uses GPS and cellular connectivity to transmit your pet’s location to you on-demand. If your pet wanders outside of a designated safe area, Pip will send you an alert. You can then use our app to guide you right to your pet’s location, and/or send out an alert with your pet’s information and location to a trusted group of contacts. This way, even if you’re not nearby, you can use Pip to help keep your pet safe.

How is this different from a microchip?

Microchips are essentially ID tags that can’t come off. They do not transmit a signal, but rather require someone to find your pet and bring it to an organization that has a scanner. Unfortunately, even if both of these things happen, a recent study shows that less than 50% of these found pets are returned to their o wners. link

Unlike the microchip, Pip is able to send you an alert when your pet goes missing , and our app will guide you to your pet’s exact location. Our goal is to reconnect you with your pet as soon as possible before he or she can get into trouble.

How does the battery last so long?

We understand that pets are normally in a safe place. We’ve designed Pip so that when your pet is in a safe place, we put the battery intensive technology inside Pip to sleep. This not only extends the battery life, but also ensures that you have enough charge when you need it.  When your battery does run low, we’ll send you a text message to let you know.  

Is it rugged and waterproof?

Yes. Your pet can play with his or her friends and swim freely without fear of damaging Pip.

How will Pip connect to your home?

Pip uses bluetooth low-energy proximity detection. This will allow it to communicate with connected homes that communicate with bluetooth. Follow the instructions for adding a new device to these systems to get it to communicate properly. In the near future, PetSimpl will be releasing connected home accessories that can easily link with your Pip through our app.