How does the Pip GPS tracking system work?

The Pip system uses many different technologies to give you peace of mind that you will be able to quickly find your pet should they ever go missing. Here is a brief overview of how it works:

  • The system comprises of a base station / charger and the Pip tracker.
  • The base station emits a safe signal that will put the Pip into a power saving mode whenever the Pip is in range of the base station.
  • The base station needs to be plugged in to power in order to send out the safe signal
  • Any phone that has been linked to a pet can also emit a safe signal over bluetooth.
  • When the Pip is “in range” of a base station or paired phone, it goes into power saving mode.
  • When in power saving mode, the Pip turns off GPS and cellular functionality.
  • You will not be able to see the Pip’s location on the map when in power saving mode, but you can rest assured that your pet is in a safe place, because it will be in range of one of the safe devices.
  • When the Pip goes “Out of Range” of all safe devices, it will turn on cellular functionality and send an alert to all caretakers.
  • When you get an “Out of Range” alert and open the app, it sends a message to the Pip that you want to track.
  • The Pip checks once a minute to see if any caretakers want to track.
  • When the Pip receives the message that a caretaker wants to track, it turns on GPS.
  • When the Pip has the GPS fix on your pet’s location, a red dot will appear on the map showing your pet’s location and direction. The location will update every time your pet moves over 50 feet.
  • This handshake between the app and the device can take up to 90 seconds. The app must remain open while making the initial connection.

As a reminder, Pip is not designed so that you can always know exactly where your pet is but rather to help you find your pet as quickly as possible if he or she ever goes missing.  We have many checks in place to limit the number of GPS updates if the pet is not actively missing. These checks are in place to help ensure that your Pip will have the required battery life to send many updates should your pet ever go missing.

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