How is Pip different from a bluetooth tracker?

Bluetooth Trackers (Tile, TrackR and others) do not actually have GPS and cellular capabilities, but rely on Bluetooth to link to phones that then send the phone’s GPS data over the phone’s cellular connection. While this sounds nice in theory, it is very annoying and ineffective in practice.

If you put one of these Bluetooth trackers on your pet and your pet goes missing, you won’t get an alert unless the pet happens to wander past a user who had that particular tracker’s app open fairly recently. In the off-chance that this occurs, the person’s phone would grab its own GPS location and send it to your phone. Meanwhile, your pet has continued to move and is now in a completely different place than the location sent to you.

Bluetooth trackers were created to help solve the battery life issue of true GPS trackers, but in doing so, they have removed the core functionality needed to find your missing item or pet.

With Pip, we are able to get exceptional battery life without sacrificing performance through our innovative firmware that puts the device into low-power mode unless your pet is outside a safe zone. Pip’s onboard GPS and cellular chips are able to send your pet’s exact location in real time. If your pet ever goes missing while wearing their Pip, you’ll be notified immediately and will be able to see your pet’s exact location – refreshed every time they move – right up until you are reunited.

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