Where should I place my base station?

Great question! The base station plays a key role in helping make Pip’s battery last so long. In order to get optimal results, the placement of the base station is important.

In general, it’s best to place the base station in a central part of your house. This will help ensure that you don’t get false “out of range” alerts and will limit how far outside your house is considered a “safe” zone.

If you have a large yard in the back, but not much of a yard in the front, you can place the base station near a back window facing the yard. Following the same logic, if you have a large front yard and small back yard, you can place it near a front window.

With line of sight, the base station can send out a safe signal quite far. If you want to maximize the range of the base station outside your home, we recommend putting it on the highest floor of your house.

If you find that the range is further than you’d like, you can always place the base station in your basement to reduce the range outside your house.

Remember, in order for the base station to emit it’s “safe” zone, it needs to be plugged in to power!


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