Why is battery life so important in a pet tracker?

Pip has been designed to give you the best battery life possible. No other tracker on the market comes close, but why is it important? In brief, it’s because having enough charge when your pet goes missing can be the difference between finding them, or them staying lost. It also saves you time and effort. We have enough devices to charge regularly!

If you’ve ever used GPS on your phone for driving directions, you know that GPS and cellular technology drain your battery very quickly. This is the technology that powers all these GPS pet trackers, so having a high capacity battery is super important when it comes time to track. If your tracker dies, it becomes worthless and your pet can be lost for good.

Competing products recommend that you charge your device when it gets to half full, so you’ll have enough charge left to find your pet. The longest lasting battery of other GPS pet trackers lasts for just 7 days, so that means you’re charging it every 3.5 days, which will be over 100 times a year! If you forget to charge it once, your tracker will likely not have enough charge left to send you location updates if your pet is lost. With these trackers you have 100 chances per year to mess up.

Pip’s battery not only drains slower, but also has a higher capacity, so that even at 1/4 charge, you will have more than enough juice to track down your pet. With our 60 day battery life, you’ll only need to recharge the device every 30-40 days, roughly 9-12 times a year.

When a pet is lost, every minute counts and if you’re going to buy a tracker, you want one that will be reliable and work when you need it. No other tracker on the market can match Pip’s performance and battery life.


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