I started PetSimpl after my own dog, Pip, went missing shortly after we adopted him. He had escaped through the fence to chase after a squirrel and our family immediately went into panic-mode. We searched all over and called neighbors and animal control. In the end, he was found eating trash from a dumpster at a nearby hotel. We were relieved to find him, but the feeling of helplessness lingered as we thought about the horrible things that could have happened.

Unfortunately, this is not an isolated incident and many lost pet stories have worse endings. No one expects a pet to go missing. Most of the time, the pet had never shown any signs of running off before, but then something unpredictable happened. Each year, nearly ten million pets are reported missing. These pets are family members and while everyone has a different story, the panic, fear and trauma of each experience is always palpable.

We all want to be good pet owners. We do our best to keep our pets happy and healthy by giving them the best food, keeping them active, and taking them into the vet for regular checkups. As the owner of a small dog with a passion for chasing squirrels, one of my greatest fears is that Pip will escape and run blindly into traffic. I built this device out of my desire to give myself the peace of mind that I can find him quickly if this happens and I named it Pip, since he was the inspiration behind it.

I hope that Pip helps you keep your pet safe and healthy and I look forward to bringing more products into the world with PetSimpl that help make use all better pet parents.

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