Pets have been a part of my life ever since I was a child. I’ve had 2 boxers, a swiss mountain dog, a rottweiler, and 2 cats. Our rotty, Reilly, is never shy when it comes to meeting new creatures like squirrels and rabbits. In fact, she will chase them 3 houses over within seconds before we even realize she got loose. Our swissy, Conan, was an enormous dog who wasn’t particularly talented at spotting the screen-door to our backyard. More than a few times he just bull-dozed his way right through the screen to go enjoy the outside world. Luckily, he never went too far but there have been a few instances where our pets got out and were lost. It is never pleasant to be in that situation and it would have been so helpful if there was product like Pip that could reliably track their location. Being in charge of the hardware at PetSimpl, I am not just creating a product for a company, I am personally invested in making a great device that I can put on my own pets, as well as the pets owned by family and friends.

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