My childhood saw the coming and going of many pets, including a long stretch of tropical fish, a pair of guinea pigs and their many litters, and two adored rescues (a hyper-active shepherd-hound mix and a too-cool-for-school alpha-cat), but the connection for me was strongest with our first dog, Biscuit. She was a golden-colored cocker spaniel with smarts and playfulness that won us all over for a lifetime. Biscuit was a quick study of new tricks, a tireless fetcher, a top-notch lap pillow, and especially good at keeping secrets. One day, when we trade in our apartment for something with a little ​more space​, I look forward to sharing the joys of owning a dog with my children.

As the marketing lead at PetSimpl I take great pride in communicating what makes PetSimpl different: that we are pet parents, just like you, and develop products and services with humans and pets in mind. Pets bring so much joy, and it’s rewarding to be part of a company that helps people and pets stay together, stay connected, and stay healthy. I live in Northampton, MA with my wife Angie, our daughter and two sons, our Guinea Pigs Snowy and Tie-Dye, and our black Lionhead rabbits Edgar and Clarence.

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